Jazz Improvisation Online Course

10 Private Lessons

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Available in english and french


Extended practicing on the diatonics


- scales, degrees and funtions

- intervals and the 6 variations

- arpeggios and permutations

- chord inversions

- melodic figures through the degrees


Chromaticism and embellishments

- the notion of embelishment

- leading notes and passing tones

- adding chromaticism to the diatonics practicing

- the rythmical purpose of embelishments

- passing tones scales

- connecting intervals using chromaticism


Applied voice leading

- basic voice leading rules

- closed voicings and open voicings

- implementing voice leading on the diatonic practicing

- implementing voice leading within lines over basic progressions


Harmonic overview

- bringing back the different degrees to 2 main functions

- the important 7th chords of the dominant and the tonic

- identifying progressions and functions, allowing for deeper harmonic understanding and richer play


Triton II-V and other systems

- the division of the octave in equal parts

- triton II-V

- deep look at the division of the octave in 3 and 4 equal parts

- introduction to tonal superimposition


Mixed meters

- defining mix meters

- identifying them by analysing lines from Lester Young, Charlie Parker and Lennie Tristano

- looking at different ways to approach them in practice

- implementing mixed meters in playing by composing lines


Specific metronome exercises

- taking a deep look at the different placements of the metronome one can use to improve his sense of time, feeling of the beat, phrasing and rythmic creativity


Phrase displacement and melodic fragments

- taking a deep look at the conception of phrase displacement

- considering a few approachs on the use of melodic fragments in improvisation and composition

- looking at different ways to implement these concepts in playing and daily practicing



- looking at a few different "standard" systems of reharmonisation used in superimposition

- introduction to the concept of composing alternate changes

- extending the concept of tonal superimposition introduced in lesson 3


"All the things your are"

- summerazing and implementing all the content from this course by having a deep look at this well-known jazz standard


"I first heard Mr. Losco [...] in Amsterdam. His musical excellence was immediately apparent. His technique and control over the instrument are        remarkable and his ability to hear truly make him a stand out player. I became more acquainted with his musicianship [...] during several formal   performance situations. During these encounters I was struck by the fluidity, maturity and clarity of his ideas. Mr. Losco’s playing reflects a dedication to the jazz tradition as well as serious interest in 20th century classical music. His writing sounds fresh, intellectually curious but intuitive at the same

time. I know mr. Losco as an incredibly conscientious and ambitious musician, with a humble and collegial attitude. He is patient, thorough, a habitual researcher and someone who does not hesitate to ask questions.

In my opinion mr. Losco possesses a lot of traits that a great educator must have. He is articulate, sensitive to the needs of the students and has clarity of mind and above all the skill set to execute complex material."


Ben van Gelder

Thelonious Monk Saxophone Competition Finalist 2013

Jazz saxophone teacher at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam




"In my view, Adrien Losco is a very talented, disciplined, hardworking and ambitious musician who definitely belongs to the most outstanding saxophonists graduated at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. [...] His Master thesis on the application of Lennie Tristano’s conceptions to wider music fields [...] is a fine example of his conscious methodical approach towards his study subjects. Undoubtedly we will hear more from mr Losco in the nearby future.

Given the intensity of his approach, I consider him to be extraodinary capable in teaching at conservatory level. I can also recommend him as a person. Adrien is a calm, pleasant, meditative, philosophical person who is always ready to share thoughts on music or art in general."


Jasper Blom

Buma Boy Edgar Price 2019

Head of the Jazz saxophone department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam




"Adrien Losco is a creative an innovatinve saxophone player with a flawless technique. He has a profound knowledge of both the jazz tradition and contemporary improvisation techniques.

During his study he showed great interest in education, methodology and didactics. This combined with exceptionnal hearing and a great analytical mind makes him a wonderful teacher."


Marc Scholten

Lead alto of the Metropole Orchestra

Jazz saxophone teacher at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam